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During september, mai and june our dishes are not available on mondays.

During october, november, december, february, march and april our dishes are not available on mondays and thursdays.

From 2.1.2020 till 10.2.2020 our dishes are not available at all.

Breakfast service

The guest can choose between two options:

In case you want company, you can come to our adjacent, cosy parlour for breakfast. If you prefer to have your breakfast in your own cabin, we deliver, whatever you desire and have previously chosen to the cottage.

A treat at the cottage

Either after a comfortable hike, a racy mountain-bike ride or an interesting trip, you will return, tired but happy, to your cosy cottage.

You will be relieved to realise that you are not obliged to leave the cottage or to cook for yourself if you don’t feel like it. As you have already booked one of our delicious dishes on the previous day, you will have it delivered to your cottage.

Our main courses

Meat fondue 250 g (min. 2 people) :

2 kinds of meat (beef, chicken), salad, potato gratin

                                                                            29,00 €

Cheese fondue with ham and potatoes

                                                                            21,00 €

Mixed platter:

regional sausage variations, regional cheese, bacon, egg, gherkins, tomatoes, hot peppers, herb butter, butter, bread                                                              

17,00 €

Cheese platter :

4-5 different kinds of cheese, grapes, nuts, dried fruit, bread

                                                                             17,00 €

Ardennes sausage platter :

regional ham, salami, bacon, meat pie, gherkins, tomatoes, parsley, baby corn, bread                          

18,00 €

Fish platter :

several fish, prawns, tomatoes, lemon, onions, capers, toast, mixed salad

                                                                             18,00 €

Fitness salad :

mixture of leaf salad, tomatoes, spring onion, pepper, pine nuts, chicken filet, bread                                                

17,00 €



Fresh fruit salad
with fruits in season
6,00 €

Chocolate mousse
6,00 €

6,00 €


First filling up of the fridge

For a fee we will gladly fill up the fridge in your cottage before your arrival with all the best products that our region has to offer.

Besides savoury and light dishes, we will also provide you with something sweet or salty.

Let us surprise you.

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