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Our Massage Offer

Aroma Oil Massage

(30/60 minutes) 47 € / 84 €

The aroma oil massage is a very special way to enjoy the scent of essential oils. With this massage form, a particularly deep state of relaxation is achieved through the combination of a gentle body massage and high-quality, warm oils. The pure and natural ingredients of the selected essential oils penetrate deep into the skin layers and stimulate, depending on the nature and composition of the blood, nervous and lymphatic system. Body, mind and soul can regenerate.

Foot Reflexology Massage

(30 minutes) 46 €

The reflex zones of the soles of the feet especially affect the circulation and regeneration of the organs and limbs of your body. Acute and chronic complaints can be alleviated and a sense of well-being for the body and soul sets in.

Face / Head Massage

(30 minutes) 46 €

The facial massage gently relaxes the many small muscles of the face, improves lymphatic circulation and circulation, and contributes to a relaxed and better complexion. The head massage gently treats the acupuncture meridians and promotes relaxation of the head with gentle circular movements. Headaches and tired eyes can be reduced.


(30/60 minutes) 46 € / 82 €

In the anti-stress massage, individual parts such as shoulders, neck, face and back are massaged with slow, rhythmic strokes. Through the various massage techniques and joint loosening on the one hand, the muscles are relaxed and at the same time stimulated, and on the other hand stress and anger is reduced. The relaxation massage increases vitality and general well-being, puts the body in a wonderful state of rest and has a relaxing effect on the entire nervous system. However, the anti-stress massage does not fall within the scope of medical or therapeutic massages.

Classic Massage

(30 / 60 / 90 minutes) 46 €  / 82 € / 118 €

The classic or Swedish massage is probably the best known and also the most common form of massage. It primarily serves as a prophylaxis against tension and hardening of the musculature. The massage has a circulation-promoting, vitalising and regenerating effect.

Hot Stone Massage

(60/90 minutes) 88 € / 122 €

The Hot Stone Massage goes back to the knowledge of the indigenous peoples, who already knew the healing effect of warmth-storing black stones. The combination of massage techniques with warm oil and the application of warm stones on your body can lead to a deep relaxation throughout the body. At the same time, acupuncture points are stimulated and muscle trigger points are relaxed. The massage ensures the daily stress and mental tension can fall off.

Holistic Energetic Massage

(30 / 60 / 90 minutes) 47 € / 84 € / 120 €

This holistic body massage combines Eastern and Western massage. Gentle strokes and firm massage techniques relax the muscles. Gentle pressure is applied along the acupuncture meridians, which can reduce stress and block energy dissipation.

Special applications

Basic Salt Oil Massage

(60 minutes) 86 €

With gentle strokes and relaxing massage techniques, an aromatic base oil-salt mixture is gently massaged onto your skin. The salt dissolves old dander and stimulates the exfoliation effect circulation and lymphatic flow. The body can deacidify and improve the mineral supply. The skin regenerates and then feels silky smooth and supple.

Creep-/Vacuum-Massage with Pneumatron und Basic Oil und Base Wrap

(60 minutes) 88

Your body is massaged with a skin-friendly alkaline oil, the muscles relaxes and blockages are released. Then parts of the body are treated with a vacuum massage technique. This stimulates the body parts with a pulsating negative pressure to deacidify and excrete toxins. At the same time, your legs rest in a warm base wrap that stimulates the deacidification of the legs and feet. The body relaxes and regenerates.

Foot Reflexology Treatment with Basic Leg Wrap

(30 minutes plus 20 min relaxing ) 68 €

After a short footbath you lie relaxed on a warm massage bench on your back. Your feet are gently massaged with a basic oil. Through the reflex zones, the various organs and body parts are reached. The detoxification can be specifically stimulated and hardening and blockages can be solved. Afterwards you relax in the basic leg wrap and let the body detoxify.

Herbal Stamp Massage

(60 minutes) 96 € 

With warm herbal oil, your whole body is treated with gentle strokes and dabbed and massaged alternately with warm herbal stamps. The herbs have a relaxing and healing effect on the body and mind. Mental and physical tension can be solved. Enjoy the natural power of herbs and oils.

Therapeutic Applications

(Price on request)

Trigger Point Massage

In the trigger point massage pressure-sensitive hardening of the muscles, which indicate a local hyperacidity, are released. These trigger points can cause pain in different regions of the body. For example, pain in the arm can be traced back to trigger points in the shoulder muscles, or back pain to trigger points in the gluteal muscles.

In the trigger point massage, the therapist combines gentle strokes and stretching of the muscles. He uses manual techniques with local pressure on the trigger point. By stimulating the trigger points, pain in more distant body regions can be reduced. The trigger point application is suitable for musculoskeletal pain, poor posture or headache.

Thorn Therapie and Breuss Massage

With the thorn therapy, the therapist releases blockages and malpositions of the spine and pelvis. These can be the cause of back pain, arm, leg or headache. The therapist has a very gentle technique to relieve dislocations and to have a positive influence on internal organs, meridians and psyche.

This therapy is usually combined with a gentle massage of the back to release tension and to give space to intervertebral discs.

Manuel Lymph Drainage

The lymphatic drainage serves to reduce congestion of the lymphatic flow and edema (swelling) in the body. Lymph drainage is often used when the lymphatic transport system in our body is disturbed due to a variety of influences such as surgery, accidents or organ diseases and the body can not clear the jammed lymph without help. By very gentle circular movements on the body surface and the lymph nodes, the lymph flow can be stimulated. Stasis and movement-limiting swelling can be reduced. Toxins and metabolic degradation products are returned and the body can regenerate. Manual lymphatic drainage is indicated in particular for swollen limbs, for diseases of the bronchial system or for cancer.


Ear Acupunture


Andullation is part of the new generation of biophysical-based treatments that has been used for pain relief, performance and wellness for over a decade. It combines mechanical vibration and infrared deep heat and has been developed in close collaboration with scientists, university clinics and physicians. The andullation is not aimed at a specific organ or organ system, but positively influences the essential functions of the organism. It lays the foundation for maintaining and restoring health.

In addition to the diverse massage offers, it is possible to benefit from the latest version of the ANDUMEDIC® 3 in the massage hut.

There are 5 basic principles of action through which the andullation can positively affect our body.

Principle 1: Energy production in the cell

Principle 2: Overlay of the pain signals

Principle 3: Stimulation of the blood circulation

Principle 4: Initiation of relaxation mechanisms

Principle 5: Stimulation of lymphatic flow

The ANDUMEDIC®3 has a total of 6 basic and 14 medicinal programs. The treatment time is about 20-25 minutes. For further information we recommend you to have a look at the website

To use the ANDUMEDIC®3 we ask you to register in advance (also possible at short notice).

The price is 10 euros per treatment.

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